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The Uyghurs are Turkish people from Central Asia. Unlike their nomadic neighbours, the Uyghurs have had a settled civilisation for more than millennia. 

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Here you can find some of our main courses

Beliq Shorpa


Polu / Pilaf


Pidigen & Much


Tohu Qurdak

£24.95 - £31.95

Big plate chicken

Qoruma Chöp


Dry stir fried homemade noodles and vegetables



Fried flat bread, stuffed with minced lamb, onions and other fresh vegetables



Stir fried tripe (cow stomach with spices and bell pepper, served with rice) 

Beef & Mushroom


Stir fried beef with boiled mushrooms and other fresh vegetables, served with rice

Uyghur Salad


Beans thread mixed with carrots, peppers, herbs and vinegar

Uyghur Kawap / Borek Kawap

£2.95 - £3.95

Marinated tender pieces of lamb sprinkled with cumin and spices.

BBQ with Spices

Polu / Pilaf


Rice cooked with lamb, carrots and onions, served with salad

Marjan Chöp


Homemade chopped noodle, stir fried with vegetables

Beef & Broccoli


Stir fried beef cooked with broccoli and other fresh vegetables (served with rice)



Lamb hoof marinated in fresh herbs and stirred with spices and bell pepper (5 pc)

Beliq Shorpa


Chopped sea bass boiled with mushroom and other vegetables, herbs, served with rice

Oy Salad


Mixed seasonal salad with fresh vegetables



Flaky meat pie filled with seasoned minced lamb and onions



Handmade fresh noodles, served with fried dice beef/chicken and mix vegetables

Pıtır Manta


Steamed dumplings with minced lamb, onion and peppers (5 pc)



Marinated sea bass with mixed fresh herbs

Grilled and Fried Chicken


Consec tetur adipi elit
Vuctus nec ullam corper

Pidigen & Much


Long chopped aubergine cooked with beef/chicken and peppers, served with rice



Cooked mung beans served with fresh vegetables, chilli sauce and vinegar



Consists of tofu set in a spicy sauce, typically a thin oily and bright red suspension, served with rice

Cold Drinks


Still / Sparkling


Canned Drinks

Coke / Diet Coke / Fanta / Sprite


Apple Juice / Orange Juice


Red Bull


Hot Drinks


Latte / Cappuccino / Americano / Hot Chocolate


Herbal Tea

Green / Peppermint / Lemon & Ginger / Cranberry & Raspberry / Camomile & Honey / Earl Grey


Uyghur Herbal Tea Pot


Milk Tea






Rice Pudding


Honey Cake